• “I would rather spend money on my children than on divorce lawyers. Divorce lawyers are very expensive.”
  • “I want my personal life to remain confidential. No one needs to know details about my private life – that would only hurt my children.”
  • “No one knows better than we do what is best for our family. We want to make the important decisions about our divorce rather than leaving them up to a judge.”
  • “I'm busy and I can’t take time out of my life to go to a lawyer’s office or wait around the courthouse. I need a streamlined system for divorcing that will fit into my schedule.”
  • “My parents’ divorce was horrible for everyone. I want to carefully consider the decisions that need to be made while we divorce and make wise choices rather than create chaos for my family.”
  • "My spouse and I agree on everything. We know what we want to do, we just need some guidance about how to do it."
  • “I’m confused and scared. I don’t have extra money to spend on lawyers, but can I really do this divorce myself?”
  • Complete instructions on how to get divorced online in Texas, including an overview of  Texas divorce law.
  • Comprehensive  divorce education so you make informed decisions that work best for your family.
  • All the divorce forms, divorce documents, and divorce paperwork you need to complete your agreed, uncontested divorce in Texas.

A Texas online divorce has never been easier.

You're here for one simple reason.  You've considered your options and you're ready to work through the divorce process on your own terms.  Online divorce- The Negotiated Divorce® system is the only on-line divorce service designed for smart, successful people who have assets to divide, and who want to thoughtfully and carefully craft a customized uncontested divorce settlement that best serves their family's needs.  If you have children, we also give you everything you need to create a customized parenting plan. Filing for an uncontested divorce online in Texas has never been easier. Ready to learn more? 

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